WIN-Poll(ing): It is too busy on campus

The hustle and bustle at Windesheim affects everyone differently, some students experience everything while the rest don’t notice anything.

“I wouldn’t say it’s too busy at Windesheim, I think it’s all very well organised, actually. My train arrives quite early, so it’s quiet at school when I arrive. That’s not a conscious choice, but just how it is. Windesheim is doing fine like this.”

Dylano, student Communication, year 1

“At the CALO it is well organized in terms of crowdedness. We actually always have a classroom. What could be better is the break arrangement. Everyone at the CALO has lessons from a quarter past to half past, every hour. In the meantime we just have to wander around Windesheim.”

Bink, student Teacher Education in Physical Education, year 2

“Yes, it is certainly busy, especially when you start class the first hour, it is so busy on the street. What I find the absolute worst is the crowdedness in the sports café. Sometimes it’s fun, but often it’s just too busy, which makes it almost impossible to understand each other.”

Levi, student Teacher Education in Physical Education, year 2

It really depends on what time you start. While walking to school during the first two periods it is really too busy, but if you start after that, it’s ok. What is annoying is the crowds in the classrooms. Sometimes you really can’t concentrate there, but overall it’s fine.”

Adne, student Finance and Control, year 2

“Windesheim is really busy, there are so many people walking around that it is just annoying. In the public spaces you can hardly concentrate because of all the things going on around you. In addition, I also think the content of the courses is a lot, combine that with work and maintaining a social life and it’s not doable anymore.”

Jonatan, student Teacher Education in French, year 1

Text and photos: Indy Roozendal

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