WIN-Poll(ing): Do you want to get summer-ready?

Summer is coming! Are students currently more concerned with being in shape, or not at all?

“Yes, this summer I want to look good. That’s nice when you’re on the beach or at a festival. I make sure that I don’t eat too many calories, so little sugar and lots of protein.  And I try to exercise three or four times a week. I will stand out by a more muscular body.

Rick, student Information & Communication Technology 

Of course I would like to go into summer with a nice tan. Therefore, I’m already trying to catch as many sunrays as possible now. But I’m not going to work out any extra for summer. I actually already exercise loads all year round. I’m always very focused on my nutrition and exercise schedule. To me, there is no distinction between the seasons.”

Anne-Ruth, Journalism student

“With summer around the corner, I’m definitely more conscious about my body. I want to have a more toned and firmed body. And lose my COVID kilos! What I mainly focus on is weight training in the gym. Once in a while I go jogging outside, but I’ve been doing that since last fall.”

Joan, student Information & Communication Technology

“I don’t concern myself with getting a better-looking body. I’m happy with what I look like, so that is not necessary at all. It’s not me to go to the gym often and to be concerned about whether everything looks good. What I do need is new summer clothes!

Lisa, student Teacher Education in English

I think it’s important to be in good shape and healthy all year round. I go to the gym two or three times a week and I jog. This year, I want to participate in a marathon in Zwolle, called Halve Marathon. I personally don’t care much about how others look at my body during summer.”

Stefan, student Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Text and photos: Elles Mulder

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