WIN-Poll(ing): To live on your own? Or rather not?

Due to the housing shortage, students continue to live at home with their parents for longer. Is that bad, or fun?

“Living at home is nice and quiet. I could come home and immediately sit down at the table for dinner. That’s pure pampering, and it’s nice not having to worry about cooking or having to do groceries. I also save money by staying home. Living on my own is expensive. I would have to borrow more money from the government, and thus built up my student debt. Now there’s money left for fun things outside of my study.”

Simon, student Industrial Design Engineering

I think it’s terrible to live at home again. I have lived on my own for three years in Italy! But finding a room in a student house is not easy. At some ‘hospiteeravonden’ (a form of speed dating to get to know potential new roommates) fifty candidates respond. At SSH (a company that rents out student rooms) you have to queue for at least 3 years. And at rental company Maxx you unjustly have to pay extra costs. Luckily I will soon have a temporary room for three months.”

Lisa, student Law

I am 21, the time of living with my mom and dad is over. It’s also about independence. Since this academic year I have lived on my own. Also because of the traveling time, I had to travel an hour to get to Windesheim. That’s not very long, but it’s another hour lost and then twice a day.”

Wouter, student Logistics Engineering

I have my friend group here, so I don’t feel the need to live on my own. I sometimes think about it, but my travel time is only half an hour. The benefits don’t weigh out the costs that come with living on your own. Maybe I would decide to live on my own for a minor or an internship.”

Merle, student Industrial Design Engineering

“I lived way too far away, I had to travel three hours a day to and from school in total. At night, I would always be too tired to study. And if I wanted to go out in Zwolle, I had to spend the night somewhere and arrange a place to sleep, which I wasn’t always able to find. That’s why I much rather live on my own. I’m also more involved in the student life now.”

Marylène, student Education in Primary Schools

Text and photos: Elles Mulder

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