WIN-Poll(ing): Are the nineties hot again for students?

Oversized coats and blow-dried haircuts! Back to the fashion of the 90s. Is it cool or horrible?

“I think the 90s appeal to a lot of today’s students. Thin eyebrows, for example, are what many young people like. I think the hair of the nineties is really beautiful! Especially the big blow-dried haircuts, they call them blow-outs. I don’t have the energy to maintain it, but I would really like a haircut like that for myself.”

Kes, student Global Project and Change Management

“I’m thinking about the music! I listen to Queen a lot, I always liked that. I got my taste in music from my parents, they like to listen to the nervous and punky music of DoeMaar. I only wear oversized clothes. But I would never wear low-waist pants for example! Although I think it’s very nice when other people wear it.”

Sanne, student Journalism

“My girlfriend and I recently threw a party in the style of the 90s. We all played hip-hop music from that time and had iconic series on, such as Friends. I also find it funny to see the fashion trends from the 90s again, such as low-rise jeans. Only that terrifying Goth Style that was popular at the time, I think it’s really terrible.”

Romian, student Information & Communication Technology

“I think of baggy pants, glitter and everything mismatched. I really like the Ugg boots. I used to think they were terrible. But I’ve learned to love them because people are now mixing the nineties with today’s clothing style. With baggy jeans and a blazer, for example. But the velvet tracksuits that people often wore with Uggs, you can’t wear those anymore!

Patricia, student Journalism

Flippos! I collected them myself, I loved them. I also listen to a lot of music from the 90s: the rock ’n roll of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for example, I got it all from my mother. The technology of the 90s was terrible, that you had to walk around with a Walkman instead of your phone for music.”

Joep, student Journalism

Text and photos: Daniëlle Pathuis

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