WIN-Poll(ing): ‘Is Artificial Intelligence allowed in your studies?’

Windesheim has drawn up rules for the use of Artificial Intelligence during studies. What do students think of AI?

“I don’t use AI for a paper, but for small answers that I don’t know how to formulate properly. It’s easy when you don’t know where to start, but it’s not something to be proud of. I feel more accomplished when I wrote it myself. The study programme could be stricter on this: can you say that this is really yours?”

Mandy, student Journalism

“We use AI for brainstorming, researching and summarizing. That makes some subjects easier. Teachers are usually negative about the use of AI. It’s worse if you write something yourself and the teacher says ’this isn’t yours’. Then to prove that it is really yours, that is impossible! We saw something like this happen a few times in our class.”

Joep & Mike, students Software Engineering

AI is very important in Electrical engineering. What we design is intended to be applied later with AI. When students program, they can gain inspiration with AI. It can generate something that we can continue to work with. That is why we are allowed to make full use of AI in our study programme, but this may be different in other programmes.”

Chanisa, student Electrical and Electronic Engineering

“I use it to check spelling and grammar. I have difficulty with this because of my dyslexia, so AI is a useful tool. If AI makes a mistake, I won’t notice it because I didn’t see it anyway. It is not really talked about within the study programme. It can become a gray area if AI starts writing for you.”

Jesse, student Architecture and Construction Engineering

“I mainly use AI to gain inspiration: I let it rewrite my own experiments. It is up to you how you deal with AI. If you throw your assignments into an AI machine to ensure that you have less work, this will have a negative impact. But if you use it to further improve yourself, then it is a great tool.”

Tjidde, student Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Text and photos: Indy Roozendal

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