WIN-Poll(ing): Should unhealthy food become more expensive?

A healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly important. Do we have to pay a different price for that?

There are far too many unhealthy choices for a low price. I hardly eat healthy at Windesheim, because it is easier and cheaper to buy a bag of chips. In addition, the healthy options are often made unhealthy because a lot of junk is thrown in. If there were more healthy options for an affordable price, I’d go for those.”

Ruben, student Electrical and Electronic Engineering

“Unhealthy food that you could prepare healthily yourself must become more expensive, such as frozen pizzas and salads. If you get the ingredients yourself, those dishes will be much healthier. Because of the low price and also because of convenience, people buy unhealthy things. Perhaps it would also be better for me if a pack of cigarettes were five euros more expensive. Then it will be easier for me to take the step to stop smoking.”

Sanne, student Communication

“Unhealthy food should not become more expensive, but healthy food should become cheaper. A healthy lifestyle should in any case be encouraged more by Windesheim, or from the government. As far as I am concerned, alcohol does not have to become more expensive, because it is already expensive enough due to the excise tax that is on it. If you make alcohol more expensive, more people will buy drugs instead because it is cheaper.”

Duco, student Electrical and Electronic Engineering

“There should be more healthy options in the canteens, unhealthy products don’t necessarily have to become more expensive in my opinion. I have a gluten allergy, which makes it difficult for me to find something healthy at Windesheim. Because the choice of healthy products is minimal for me, I am pushed towards the unhealthy choice. The only thing I can get in the canteen are fries.”

Astrid, student Industrial engineering & management

“Unhealthy food does not have to become more expensive, as long as healthy food becomes cheaper. Windesheim promotes healthy food well, but the prices do not align. That’s why it doesn’t work. It’s cheaper to get fries instead of a healthy sandwich. Windesheim has more than enough money to put up fruit bowls, for example, of which students can take for free.”

Jelle, student Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Text and photos: Elles Mulder

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