WIN-Poll(ing): What do you never buy online?

Ordering everything online is that normal for students? Or are there other things you would rather get in a real store?

“I only prefer to buy clothes in a real store. Then you can take a good look at how it looks, feel and try to see if it fits. I basically buy everything online. I have never had to return anything to an online store. Because I find out in advance exactly what I am going to buy and where.”

Hrisiyana Marinova (21)
Third-year International business

“In the end, I usually buy in a regular store. It’s nicer if you can just hold a product. I did, however, first extensively orientate myself on the Internet. Where can you get the best stuff and which store is the best – cheapest? Ordinary stores often have the best offers.”

Dana Wong (22)
Second-year Global project and change management

“I think it’s important that I make sustainable purchases. I don’t care about the type of store. I never have groceries or food delivered, I go get it myself on the bike. I prefer to buy second-hand clothes. I want to know whether new articles have been produced sustainably. Cheap webshops then often drop out.”

Nikki Kos (19)
Second-year Speech and Language Therapy

“I never buy online! I don’t want to worry that the product will not be sent or that it will not work, or that they will not refund your money if you return it. I do look at all the information about products online, but then I go and get them in a regular store.”

Alex Taylor (19)
Second-year Global project and change management

“I only buy clothes or make-up online if I know what I’m looking for. I once bought a shirt at a cheap webshop which turned out to be an ugly thing of bad fabric and the wrong size. I would never buy pants online, you just have to try them in the store.”

Britt Vinke (19)
Third-year Communication

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