Win-Poll(ing): Your biggest blunder in Teams?

Online lessons via Teams and Zoom sometimes go a bit wrong. What was your most hilarious incident?

“My classmate was in the car and wanted to listen in on part of the lesson. But his picture and sound were accidentally turned on. So we suddenly saw a boy behind the wheel and heard that he was playing music that was very loud. He didn’t notice when we asked him to turn off his music.”

Amy Doppenberg (20)
second year social work

“Last year I gave information to a group of students via an online matching group. Suddenly two participants took over the screen. One shared his Minecraft game and the other started playing weird sound clips. The organizer kicked them out of the meeting, but a little while later they joined again because they weren’t blocked.”

Bram van Beekhuizen (23)
fourth-year HBO ICT

“Some teachers ask if you want to turn on the camera. One of those classes was very early. I had just gotten out of bed and my eyes were still half-closed. When the cameras went on, I saw that the whole class had just woken up. No one had bothered to sit neatly behind their desks.”

Sam Rensen (21)
third-year Nursing

“Our teacher taught via her laptop. Then we heard someone snoring! It sounded louder and louder. I thought who is that? When someone finally asked, the teacher laughed really hard. Her cat was sleeping next to the laptop. She showed him, it was a very big and fat beast.”

Tygho Mulder (19)
first year Social Work

“I had a job interview for an internship: an interview via Teams with several candidates. After an individual round, everyone returned to the call with the employer. Suddenly we heard one of the candidates cursing. She hadn’t turned her sound off and was telling a friend at length that she hated the company.”

Zoë van Riezen (20)
second year Commercial Economics

Tekst en foto’s: Ernest Mettes

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