Home again: ‘After dinner we play Settlers of Catan’

Quarantined in your student room or back to your parents’ house? Many students choose the latter. But being ‘home’ fulltime at your mum and dad’s again takes some getting used to.

Wenda Drenth, a third-year student of the teacher education in Mathematics lived with her boyfriend in Delft temporarily because she followed her minor there. Due to the Coronavirus, she moved back to her parents’ house in Assen, with her boyfriend.

Photo: Jasper van Overbeek

Her parents are ‘over the moon’, she says, because they are working overtime for their computer company. “I couldn’t do much in Delft, the only exam I had, was replaced by an online assignment. This way I get to help my parents. They create online workspaces, among other things, so everyone in the house is very busy.”

Wenda cooks, gets groceries and helps unpack new products. She is happy she can contribute, because at least now she feels useful. Family life is just like it used to be; she notices. “My little brother, for example, is happy that I’m here again, this way he doesn’t have to do the dishes by himself! My parents really like having people around the house, it’s just as busy as it used to be. We eat together and in the evening we play board games like Settlers of Catan.” “I also go outside a lot, to go roller skating. Going fast down the street. That wouldn’t have been possible in a busy city like Delft.”

Living with her parents is challenging with regards to her studies. With all those fun things going on, Wenda sometimes has a hard time concentrating on her schoolwork. “There are so many distractions. I try to reward myself. When I’ve finished an assignment, I can do something fun again. I read books and bake a lot. I experiment with new recipes. Something the rest of the family thinks is horrible, haha!”

Text: Michelle van der Molen

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