Shopping centre new location Almere?

Windesheim is negotiating for a temporary extra location in the middle of the shopping centre of Almere.

The building, named Het Circus, is located next to the Stadhuisplein in the shopping centre. The top two floors, where the Aeres University of applied sciences is currently based, will be emptied out in the summer of 2021. “This would be a reasonable place for a temporary additional location for Windesheim:”, says Pieter Dieckmann, director Operational Services of Windesheim. Aeres will move to a new building on the Floriadeterrein. For the landlord, it would be favourable if another educational institution would move in. For us, it would be convenient that the interior is already made for educational purposes.”

The space in Het Circus has a surface area of 3,000 square meters, which is comparable to the G building of the campus in Zwolle.

The extra location is a temporary solution to cover the period towards the future, emphasises Dieckmann. “We are fully engaged in negotiations with officials of the municipality of Almere about possibilities for a completely new main building. Politics will decide at the end of this year which locations they find suitable.

Then we can develop options to be presented. If the choice falls upon a large building, we will leave the Landdrost at a later stage. But it can also happen that we get a second big location. If we can build a completely new building, it will take four years”, says Dieckmann. After the upcoming academic year, the bridging location must be available, because De Landdrost can’t absorb the growth.

Read more about the future of Windesheim in Almere in the interview with director Kees Stolwijk

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