Outfits: ‘Everything with the sewing machine’

WIN is fond of students with special outfits. Today: Nynke van de Nadort (22), third year Journalism student

Do you make your clothes yourself?

“Almost all my clothes have gone under the sewing machine at one point or another. Clothing from stores is often one size, while every body is different. I adjust the model if it does not fit well, shorten trouser legs, or adjust something completely to my taste.

Is this pantsuit also homemade?

“Yes! Last Christmas I had to quarantine and was bored to death. My roommate – who just moved – had left curtains. I looked at it and thought: I’m going to design something cool with this. Normally I use patterns from the internet, but I drew this myself. I saved the hooks and eventually made new curtains with them.”

How would you describe your ‘taste in clothing’?

“Call it a mix between retro and modern. As a teenager I already used to pick the most striking pieces of clothing from the racks. But if you dress a little differently in high school, you’ll soon be the target. Since I live in Zwolle, I feel freer. I don’t give a shit about what other people think of me. And I don’t get any weird comments anymore now.”

Nice ring! Where is it from?

“Also homemade. I bought a spool of wire at Hema, with the idea: I can do something with this one day. I was fiddling with it once, when I finally managed to tie a knot. I think it’s very cute, although it does get caught in my hair sometimes.”

Text: Michelle van der Molen

Photo: Japser van Overbeek

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