WIN-Poll(ing): Carnaval; you either love it or hate it

Big below the rivers, unloved in the North. What do students think about whether or not to celebrate Carnival?

I celebrate Carnival every year! I go to Den Bosch, which is then called Oeteldonk, with my friend group for six days. The whole of Den Bosch turns red, yellow, white, how nice is that? In the fall I also traditionally celebrate the Eleventh of the Eleventh on November 11. I do not participate in fasting, because I was not raised religiously. I celebrate Carnival as a tribute to the region where I originally come from.

Sara, Journalism

A culture I want nothing to do with! It started at primary school in Twente with ‘alaaf’. That’s a kind of exclamation you have to do. Carnival is very popular in my region, but it stressed me out especially when I was a child, it was too hectic for me. I see it as an excuse to dress up and dive into the nearest party venue to get drunk.

Paskal, Teacher Education in English

There is no Carnival celebrated here in Flevoland, so we don’t see anything from the celebrations that are going on. We do have a few friends in the South who get to experience it. To us, Carnival feels like asking a German what he thinks of Sinterklaas. Based on the stories and experiences of others, we have an impression of what it entails, nothing more.

Yassine & Artien, International Business

I’m from the North so I don’t celebrate Carnival, but I think it’s quite a fun party for people from the South of the country. Of course I sometimes read news reports when a Carnival party gets out of hand, but that always happens when going out. These are people who are just out to find each other. Like attracts like, right?

Sander, Journalism

I’m from Utrecht and I’ve gone to the South to celebrate Carnival  few times. My friends celebrate it and go all out every year, but that’s not my thing: all those crazy people together. Normally I like that when going out, but not during Carnival. I don’t like dress up parties and obligatory themes. Then I think ciao ciao.

Jesper, Entrepreneurship & Retail Management

Text and photos: Indy Roozendal

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