Daniël creates face masks for homecare

Windesheim is closed until the summer and there isn’t much to do in terms of leisure activities in the coming months. Meanwhile, former student, Daniël van den Bos decided to help healthcare organisations: he and his friends sewed dozens of masks for the homecare staff of Buurtzorg Zwolle.

How did you end up at this organization?

“I have a number of friends who work in homecare, they told me that they did not have enough masks and sometimes didn’t even have any at all. I saw a post on Facebook, asking if people wanted to help assemble mouth masks. I currently have very little to do so I thought: why not! Healthcare staff is at the front line in the fight against the coronavirus, but you can also contribute to this at home.”


Facebook post from Buurtzorg Zwolle Wipstrik Assendorp Pierik:

Dear Facebook friends! (please share!!)

We at team Wipstrik Assendorp work hard to obtain mouth masks and other things in all kinds of ways to protect ourselves and our clients,

We are LOOKING FOR mouth masks, which can also be made by yourselves, gloves and disinfectant! If you own these and want to donate them to us, we would be very thankful. You can deliver it to the counter of the office building at Wipstrikallee 95, or you can call us on 0610388548

We are not the only neighbourhood care team that is looking for materials!


And those mouth masks, are they easy to assemble?

“Everything you need is online; from patterns to instructional videos. They aren’t very pretty, but all twenty are certainly functional.”

Daniël is an active rower at student rowing association Boreas. But due to the corona outbreak, the rowing season starts later as well.

Are you going to keep training?

“Yes, otherwise I will go crazy, haha. Although I have been busy sewing mouth masks recently.”

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