Micael in South Korea: ‘Friendships and incredible experiences’

Micael Coelho, third year International Business student at Windesheim, is studying at Konkuk University in South Korea until the summer. He reports on his experiences for WIN every month. This is his last blog.

As I say goodbye to Konkuk University and South Korea, I can’t help but think about the amazing five months I spent here. My time in Korea has been a period of incredible experiences, new friendships, and a deep love for a culture that’s both interesting and welcoming.

Beauty and history

I dove headfirst into Korean culture, picking up bits of the language and soaking in traditional festivals. And the food? Absolutely amazing! From spicy kimchi and savory bulgogi to colorful bibimbap, every meal was a treat for my taste buds.

Traveling around Korea was another high point. The country’s fantastic public transportation made it super easy to explore. Whether I was wandering the busy streets of Seoul, visiting peaceful temples, or relaxing on the beaches of Busan, each place showed me a different side of Korea’s beauty and interesting history.

Truly unforgettable

One of the best things about living in Korea was how convenient everything was. The public transport, the 24/7 convenience stores at literally every single corner, everything was just perfect. I know I’ll miss this level of convenience when I’m back in the Netherlands.

But what really made my stay special were the people I met. The friendships I formed at Konkuk University have been truly unforgettable. My fellow students, both Korean and international, were always there with kindness, humor, and support. These connections made my time in Korea even more enjoyable and have given me friends from all over the world. I must say I don’t remember not even one day that I haven’t done something interesting with my friends.

As I leave, I’m taking with me a suitcase full of memories and a heart full of gratitude. Thank you, Konkuk University and South Korea, for an amazing chapter in my life. I’ll miss you a lot.

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