Micael in South Korea: ‘One euro noodles’

Micael Coelho, third year International Business student at Windesheim, is studying at Konkuk University in South Korea until the summer. He reports on his experiences for WIN every month.

I could start this blog by just mentioning to you how student life in Korea is nice, or how practical things are here, or even how easy it is to just grab a 1 euro noodle and eat it anywhere. However, South Korea is way above all that! South Korea has so far been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Huge lake

Before arriving at Konkuk University I was really worried about how welcomed I would feel in a totally different University from what I am used to. But let me tell you something, Konkuk University definitely stands out in every way possible.

First of all, this universitie offers a variety of housing options such as a shared dormitory (in my case), but also many restaurants, cafes, picnic spots, convenience stores, haircut salon and even a huge lake where you can just sit down and enjoy the sun. I can assure you that there is probably a 7 Eleven at every corner here.

Also, what really surprised me was how smooth and easy students can interact with each other here, in many ways. On the first week of classes, be prepared to see clubs of any type such as football, baseball, astronomy, ping pong, martial arts, surfing, skating and many others disposing their availabilities for any student that wants to join and be part of. I really struggled with that because I wanted to join every club.

Kind and open

Now you might be wondering what you do to communicate there? Not everyone here speaks English, however Korean people can be very kind and open, even if their English is not very good. Many times I had to use translator devices, but it all worked out in the end, basically it’s all about the experience.

There is much more to come in this amazing experience and I can assure you I am very excited for the new upcoming learning experiences South Korea and Konkuk University has to offer. Until next time!

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