Love on campus

Love is the most beautiful thing there is. But where can you find someone in real life who really makes your heart beat faster? Ten students share their offline love encounters.

“We kept it a secret”

My boyfriend is from the United States and four years ago he was on exchange in the Netherlands. He came here from America for high school. I was one of the host families he stayed with; within two weeks we were in a relationship. That was actually not allowed at all, so we kept it a secret. We didn’t say anything about it to anyone for three months. Until COVID came: he had to return to the United States and I was super sad. At that point everyone realized that there was more between us. Now it is four years later and he is also studying here at Windesheim. He normally has classes in the X-building, but now he is back in the United States for a gap year. I just see him during the holidays.

Maaike, Teacher Education in English

“The spark wasn’t there immediately”

When I met my current boyfriend, I was still in a relationship, so the spark wasn’t there immediately on my part. I met my boyfriend a year ago at school, here at the calo. We often went out together for a few drinks. At one point we hit it off and we kissed. One thing led to another. In addition, I can talk to him well. When I broke up with my ex, the contact grew stronger and at a certain point the spark was definitely there.

Indy, Teacher Education in Physical Education

“Going on walks together”

My boyfriend and I met at Scouting. We were leading a group together and became good friends at first. After he stopped as supervisor, we kept in touch. We agreed to go on walks a lot together and that’s how we got to know each other even better. There was a bit of romantic tension between us from the start, which made it all a bit ‘complicated’ with being friends and dating at the same time, but we are now three years into a happy relationship. Going on walks together is really something that has brought us together. For example, we often go on holiday to Germany together to hike there together. Just walk around and enjoy nature together.

Suzan, Theology

“Met each other at Walibi”

I went to the amusement park Walibi with a group of friends, and a mutual friend who had organized the trip spontaneously invited two other people, including my current girlfriend. It is not that there was an immediate spark between us at Walibi; I only heard later that she was into me. I decided to pursue it. But the friend who had arranged the outing also pushed us in a positive way to meet up. We have been a couple for a year now.

Sem, Teacher Education in Physical Education

“We don’t like Antoon’s music”

I met my boyfriend during the introductory period of my study association. We went dancing together at a night out, and then we discovered that we both didn’t like Antoon’s music. As we danced, we became increasingly closer to each other. In the days that followed, we hit it off so well that it was expressed as more than ‘just that evening’. Yes, it went quickly, but from the start it was clear that it felt good to be together; it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The third day that we knew each other, we were already walking hand in hand. After the introduction we also had the Bruisweken, where we walked hand in hand the whole time. For me that was a confirmation that it would become more. We have now been in a relationship for a year and three months.

Floor, Journalism

“A car accident brought us together”

I didn’t pass my senior year of high school, so I went to the Deltion Sprint Lyceum. There I ended up in my current boyfriend’s class. Actually, it started because we were both bored in class, so we started talking to each other and it soon turned out that we had a friendly connection because we got along well. At one point he got into a car accident and I was so worried that I realized I felt something more than just friendship. During his recovery he realized this too and the rest is history. Although there was something going on before the car accident, that incident was the one that made us realize that it wasn’t just something, but something really serious.

Megan, Teacher Education in English

“Secret house party”

I met my girlfriend during the COVID period, at a secret house party. No, of course it wasn’t allowed, but what else were you supposed to do at that time? We bumped into each other more and more often at the same secret parties, which allowed us to get to know each other better. We had good conversations with each other, which is important for a good relationship. In the end we just decided to go with the flow, nothing forced. Of course, it took some getting used to when COVID disappeared and everything was possible again. Suddenly you could do a lot more, which created a certain external temptation, so to speak. We got through this together by communicating well and listening to each other, but also by really listening to the voice inside. Communication is important in a good relationship.

Kevin, Marketing

“See the Northern Lights together”

I met my girlfriend while studying in Breda. I entered my second year and found myself in a completely new class. We found ourselves in the same friend group pretty quickly and that’s how it developed. There was a nice tension between us right away, but it only really took flight when the three of us went into town on my birthday. So me, my girlfriend and a friend of ours. She didn’t live in Breda so she stayed the night with me, and then the spark flew. We have been in a relationship for two years now. Two years with many highlights, we saw the Northern Lights together and we also worked together abroad all summer last year. Traveling is something we both love very much, and the fact that we can and are able to do it together is very nice.

Cris, Educational minor

“At the Albert Heijn”

‘I met her at work, at the Albert Heijn! But no, our relationship did not start while filling shelves. She was actually the one who made the first move. She suddenly added me on everything, Snapchat and Instagram and so on. That’s how we got in touch. It almost turned out differently. She thought I was into a friend of hers, and that friend thought so too. But luckily I ended up with my girlfriend. Then I took her on a date and soon we were in a relationship. We ended up working together for a while at Albert Heijn and then I left, with a relationship.’

Bastiaan, Teacher Education in Physical Education

Text and photos: Indy Roozendal

The mecca of dating

The new year has begun: new rounds, new opportunities in the field of love! WIN has listed the best dating apps so that you can meet a new crush this year.


While on Tinder you can easily message a match from seven months ago, on Bumble your match only lasts for 24 hours. A woman should always make the first move. If she doesn’t make the first move or a man doesn’t respond to her message in time, the match will be removed. It’s a shame, but there is nothing to do about it. The advantage of Bumble is that you write more in story form about what you love and who you are. This gives you a better picture of that person.


Believe it or not, Tinder has been around for 12 years this year. For those who have been living under a rock: on Tinder you see profiles with photos and if you swipe to the left it is not a match. If you swipe right, you are a match and you can chat with each other. While in the beginning it was about love, today it’s all about sex. So if you are not looking for a relationship but for sex, then this is the platform you should be on.


Hinge works the same as Tinder and Bumble. You will see photos and can reject or like people. Only Hinge provides short questions or prompts to find out more about each other. What is striking is that you can easily make international contacts here. So do you see a nice international student walking around Windesheim? Install Hinge.


For the less introverted students there’s Breeze. You swipe, match and immediately set a date for a real-life date. You cannot chat with each other in advance. You will be told twenty-four hours in advance where your date will take place. A few bars in Zwolle work together with Breeze. After the date you will receive a message whether you want to continue dating with that person or not. Was it not a good date? No worries, you can report it and you won’t hear from that person again. The costs to ensure that you show up are 7.50 euros.

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