Test: Sandwiches

Windesheim Zwolle recently opened its own SPAR supermarket on campus. It sells both fresh sandwiches and prepackaged ones. Time for a test.

Nice and fresh

Freshy prepared carpaccio sandwich

We first get a freshly made sandwich that is prepared on the spot at the ‘food square’ by the employees of the Windesheim-SPAR. The baguette tastes nice and fresh! Just like the carpaccio with cheese, sauce and some lettuce with pine nuts. Simply delicious, the jury unanimously concluded. The label on the bag that contains the sandwich reveals too little about the ingredients.
Grade: 7.5+


SPAR prepackaged cheese bun

The prepackaged cheese bun from the SPAR’s refrigerator is a bit boring but tastes good. However, the jury is shocked by the date on the packaging! How is it possible that this bun can be sold for another ten days? This must be a factory product full of preservatives. The price, 2 euros, is high compared to the fresh cheese bun from Windesheim’s coffee corner (€1.16).
Grade: 5.5

Due date

SPAR prepackaged sandwich roasted chicken

Oops. The jury checks the date only after tasting this prepackaged sandwich: it turns out to be one day past the date! The chicken cubes look very factory-like (is this really chicken meat?) and the spongy bread also seems to be made in some machine. Despite everything, the taste of this chicken sandwich is not wrong.
Grade: 5.5

A lot of cucumber

Freshly prepared grilled chicken sandwich

Sometimes a crooked ratio of ingredients kills a dish. This is the case with this freshly prepared grilled chicken sandwich. There are far too large slices of cucumber and far too small pieces of chicken. It is not mentioned on the packaging that it is an Indian sandwich, with atjar and spicy herbs. What if you don’t feel like having a spicy sandwich?
Grade: 6+

Difficult to eat

Freshly prepared pulled salmon sandwich

Lovers of bread with fish, truffle sauce and lots of onion can indulge in this snack. It tastes exactly as you expect! The price, €4.25, is not a cheap way to satisfy your hunger. The jury also wondered whether this baguette is a bit difficult to eat in a lecture hall or practice room: before you know it, pieces of salmon will fall off!
Grade: 7.5

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