WIN-Poll(ing): Would you join an association?

Interest in student associations has grown considerably. Why do students want to join right now?

“Students missed social contacts enormously during corona, the associations organized activities online then. Fortunately, that is now physically possible again. I don’t have to join an association myself, I have enough friends. You can also go out to a student café without being a member of an association.

Sofieke Luiken (25) second-year student Social work

Yes, of course, associations grow. Students are tired of being on Teams all the time. We want to meet again face to face and above all have fun! Personally, I wouldn’t join an association of my own study, I already know enough people from them, perhaps an association of business studies.”

Alessandro Monnee (20) first-year student HBO ICT

“At my study program ‘calo’ (Teacher education in physical education), everyone joins the Vestuvalo student association. They organize a lot of parties and you never have to feel alone. First-year students can also get to know senior students there. Great that after the relaxation we can do everything again. You have to make sure that your studies don’t suffer as a result.”

Harmke Schennink (18) second-year student Psychomotricity

“I know that many first year students want to join an association, but I’m not much of a party animal myself. I’m just busy enough getting to know my new fellow students. Thereby; many associations are not really my thing, because they focus on a small circle of people, or are religiously or politically oriented.”

Tim Land (17) first-year student Teacher Education in English

“I understand that student clubs are growing, now that the corona measures let up. Everyone is now just looking forward to events and parties. Associations offer that and they ensure that everything goes according to the rules. At my study program, we have a nice study association around history, I might want to join that.”

Anne Busser (20) first-year student Teacher Education in History

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