WIN-Poll(ing): What is your favourite day out?

After a year and a half of corona, we can get together again and go out and about. What will you organize with your friends and family?

“I’m going to have a barn party! At our farm. I’ll build a hall for festivities out of crates and I will arrange a deejay or a band. I will invite all the third-year students. For 20 euros they can drink however much beer they like. And throw it if they want to, haha. Until now we only saw each other on the terrace, a real party is cool of course.”

Hessel de Pee (20)
Third-year student Civil Engineering

“A day of Wipeout with our whole family. We’re going to a big recreation park in the Betuwe, where you do a Wipeout along a course with obstacles. Like a mega sweeper on the water. Pretty exciting, you even have to wear a life jacket! But I love a sporty challenge! I teach Zumba classes myself.”

Sheila Spiegelenberg (25)
Second-year student AD Social Work in healthcare

“To the beach in Scheveningen. We do this every year with our group of friends. Awesome! Kicking a ball around, having a drink and swimming in the sea. Large speakers with good music, what more could you want? We’ve known each other since high school, so we don’t see each other often anymore. Now it’s finally possible again.”

Bas Koedijk (23)
Second-year student Psychomotricity

“To Walibi with a friend: a nice and active day together in the amusement park. That’s at the top of our list. Maybe we’ll combine it with visiting a festival. We will definitely go for a ride in the Goliath. I’m a bit afraid of heights, but on that roller coaster I don’t notice it! It’s fantastic if you just hang there at the top in the air for a moment before you fall down.”

Fabienne Denissen (20)
First-year student Social Work

“An evening of partying and staying up all night with my classmates. I am from Soest, I’ve never been to Zwolle to go out! We sometimes have drinks on the terrace of Lübeck. But it is high time we get to know ‘Vliegende Paard’ and the other student bars. Spontaneously going out and meeting new people, I missed that a lot.”

Bas van der Lugt (17)
First-year student Finance & Control

Text and photos: Ernest Mettes

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