WIN-Poll(ing): Covid pounds, are they real?

Time for summer clothes! But we have put on some weight during the lockdown. Was that inevitable?

Stefan Beedten (20), first-year Entrepreneurship & Retail Management:

“Covid pounds? Since I couldn’t go to the gym anymore, I have definitely put on some weight. The only fun thing to do during a lockdown is eating. It´s very easy to be tempted to pick treats in the supermarket where I work. If you can´t do sports, you need to try to eat healthy every single week.”

Ruya Ertugrul (19), first-year Law:

“I eat more out of boredom: at home a quick trip to the pantry. Apple with peanut butter, bell pepper with cheese spread and seeds, or my guilty pleasure: baby carrots with ‘Heksenkaas’ (a specific Dutch cream cheese). Is snacking a sin? It’s hard enough as it is, I’m not letting that bother me. I am happy though, that I can start kickboxing again soon!”

Özlem Ates (21), second-year Social Work:

“I have gained a few kilos. I laugh about it with friends: we feel like it’s natural. Covid, so we’re allowed to. The stress factor is high due to the virus, so I have a bigger tendency to snack anyways. Ah well, I’ll lose that weight easily when I get back to my belly dancing lessons.”

Mats Hollerman (17), first-year Architecture & Construction Engineering:

 “I think the term ‘Covid pounds’ is an excuse to keep eating more. The same goes for holiday pounds: that doesn’t make sense either. Of course, it’s easier to snack more at home. But you can always go for a walk or cycle for a bit. I’m lucky in that regard: during Covid I’ve always been able to play football. A welcome distraction.”

Amber Hogervorst (18), first-year Architecture & Construction Engineering:

“Can you still blame Covid? We have been in this boat for quite some time. My mother buys treats a little more often. Without my job in the supermarket, I wouldn’t have done anything… Doing workouts at home is fun, but you lose the discipline easily for the exercises you do and how long you do them.

Text and photos: Michelle van der Molen

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