Outfits: ‘My mother was always smartly suited.’

WIN is fond of students with special outfits. Today: Ernestina Omuni-Kwenzilike (24), Fourth-year student Journalism

Are you always this fancy?
“I do wear jeans and plain shirts every now and then, but when I do, I combine them with high heels and a nice purse. Compared to the clothes I wore in secondary school, I dress more casually now. I used to walk around in a two piece suit all the time. I think it is unfortunate that people don’t wear suits as often. Where did the charms of the past go?”

What makes this suit so special?
“In this, I feel the most comfortable. I have been looking for it for two years! In many stores, I have a ‘difficult’ size, or I have to pay a few hundred Euro for a suit. When I have to pitch or receive assessment for study assignments, I always wear one of my suits. It makes me feel like I can hold my own.”

Were you raised with fancy clothes?
“Yes, my mother was always smartly suited. She taught me the same: if you know how to dress properly, you’ll get far. She passed away two years ago. When I look at the clothes in my closet – with matching belts and purses for every pair of shoes – I think to myself: she’d be proud of me.”

Do you always wear make-up?
“Depends on what my plans for the day are. If I have to face something difficult, not only my clothes need to be perfect but so does my make-up. It also helps to suppress emotions. If I feel tears welling up, I tell myself: “No, your outfit is too perfect, and your make-up is too good. I’ll save the tears for later.”

Text: Michelle van der Molen
Photo: Jasper van Overbeek

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