Buddies (4/5): ‘I have plenty of time to help others, so why not?’

Some vulnerable or lonely people could use some help, especially in times of corona. That’s why student Rick Uitdewillegen (recently graduated Accountancy) regularly gets groceries for a blind man whose mobility is impaired. 

“He has a lot of pain in his right leg; he can’t walk far. And since corona, he hasn’t dared to leave the house because he fears being infected himself and ending up in a worse situation than he is in now. Usually, I go to the supermarket for him every other week.

There are other people from the church as well who help him in between. When I stop by, we talk a little about my studies, the condition of his leg or we discuss the corona measures. After that, he tells me what he needs and gives me cash. He loves pancakes so I often get those for him. 

I have plenty of time to help others, so why not? I can still do everything and I can go out in times of corona. Some people are worse off than I am; I think it’s my duty to help someone like that.”

Text: Silke Polhuijs
Photos: Jasper van Overbeek

Want to do voluntary work?

There are multiple options in Zwolle. ‘Hart voor Zwolle’ for example, aims at buddy-projects. The foundation saw an increase in loneliness last year. For more info check: stichtinghartvoorzwolle.nl

Or project ‘Impacter’ by ‘Samen Zwolle’. Aimed at youngsters aged 14-27 who want to discover and utilise their own passion and talent through voluntary work. For more info check: impacterzwolle.nl

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