TEST: The best ladies’ toilets of Windesheim

Which toilet is the most comfortable to use and which is the best one to fix your makeup? WIN investigated and visited six toilets.

Building D, first floor 

This is an outright example of an old-fashioned “camping toilet”. Little privacy: you can see, hear and smell everything. The top and bottom of the toilet doors are open which means people can spy on you on all sides. The cistern and heating pipes are not concealed. It is quite clean, however. Rating: 5.5

Building X, eighth floor 

Dull, dark and elongated space. It’s useful that there are two entrances. There is a toilet cleaner in every stall, but according to the cleaning lady it hasn’t worked for a long time. There’s a clock above the entrance. Very useful, you can see exactly how much time you have left to go to the bathroom. Rating: 6.5

Building E, second floor

Nice room with large cubicles, next to the washbasins are a large mirror and a large shelf for make-up and other things. Next to the mirror is a socket: you can even curl or blow-dry your hair here! A good example of a luxurious toilet. Rating: 8

Building Z, first floor 

A joint toilet for men and women, we have not seen that before. But there are four toilets and only one sink. There are no hooks in the toilet to hang your things on and it smells stale. Grade: 5

Building T, first floor 

Nice entry because of the brightly coloured tiles on the floor. We did not expect that in this building. Stylish toilet! Beautiful large mirrors and supersonic automatic faucets at the sinks. Spacious trays to put your belongings on. Spotless toilet cubicles. We are willing to walk all over the campus for this toilet! Rating: 8.0

Building C, the ground floor behind the reception 

The open entrance around the corner is not very useful when people pass through. Many cubicles, that’s nice. But the sinks are soaking wet and impractical to put your belongings on. It is not very representative for a guest toilet this close to the main entrance. There are much nicer toilets on campus. Rating: 5.5

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