New location in Almere

Windesheim in part of Baken Stad College.

  • Windesheim Flevoland will rent a floor in the VMBO School at the Rooseveltweg as of September.
  • Director Rien Komen expects many collaborations with the college.

The four layered building of Baken Stad is behind the station with a ten minute walking distance from De Landdrost. Windesheim will take 2000 square meters in use at the second floor. The Teacher education in primary schools programme, Teachers College, Architecture and construction engineering, Engineering and the professorship Leadership in education and development will move to Baken Stad.

Head of Windesheim Flevoland Rien Komen: ‘It is a short term solution for the next three years. We lack space because of our rapid growth. For the long term we are discussing with the city council to create a bigger location (10.000m2), through redeveloping already existing buildings, or through new buildings. Until then, we will bridge this gap with flexibility. The Baken Stad College offers many opportunities for collaboration and sharing knowledge. The Landdrost is not suitable for technical facilities because of safety reasons. Baken Stad has technical educations with which we can share these facilities.

‘With a secondary school inside the technical educations will have a ‘living lab’, but that also counts for other study programmes. Baken Stad just recently implemented personalized learning. We can learn from that. Not just for our own school, but also teacher education programmes can practice here in a real educational environment. The Teachers education in primary schools can also participate in the 10-14 education route here. The Baken is very enthusiastic about having a University of applied sciences under their roof. We can strengthen the educational chain in the city as one of the larger educational partners.’

Mireille Wolf-Rouwhorst, business manager of Windesheim Flevoland coordinates the rebuilding with housing advisor Raimond Hutten. On that floor, about fifteen classrooms will be built, a study centre and dozens of workplaces. She hopes to have the interior done by mid-August, and to be able to move at the end of August, because school starts September 3. ‘I immediately felt at home in this building.’ Laughs Wolf-Rouwhorst, ‘because it looks so much like the old D-building in Zwolle.’ (EM)


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