Jurriaan: ‘Korean men also use make-up!’

Windesheim student Jurriaan Peters (23) is in Hong Kong for his study programme Global project & change management. He is reporting to the win’ about his experiences abroad.

After being back in NL for a week over the Easter break, one thing surprised me coming back. By now this city is hot, very hot and humid, very humid…
The temperature has steadily increased over the past months, by now it is the first place in my life where I appreciate an air conditioner, I guess some things you just need to experience before accepting it.
Luckily next to AC, Hong Kong has a great way to escape the heat near to the city there are some great beaches to visit.

Enjoying a beer in Repulse bay near Hong Kong

Next to travelling inside HK, I have travelled to other places around here. I have visited the casino city of Macau, which is the Las Vegas of China. I was absolutely baffled to find Chinese businessmen betting up to 300.000 euros per round of roulette. Needless to say, I also played two rounds of roulette on a low betting table, lost 30 euros and left the casino. I’m not wealthy enough to gamble in this place.
The day after Macau I visited Seoul in South Korea to visit a friend who is doing his exchange semester there. It was interesting to see the differences between Hong Kong and Seoul, sometimes in Seoul you feel like you are not even in a metropolitan area, this did make it very charming though . During the day we visited a palace where the King used to live and the biggest cosmetic market in the world. Weird fact: Korean men also use make-up!

Gyeongbukgung palace

By now I am already in my final exams, my last exam is coming this week. Time passed away very quickly. Next week I will be flying to the Philippines to visit another friend & see the country, and afterwards I will visit Nepal. Very much looking forward to all of it.

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