Honours College to X-building

Lots of moving around because of demolition D-building

  • This summer, the renovated X-building will be redesigned more precisely to create additional space.
  • The Windesheim Honours College will be relocated to the second floor of the X-building in 2019.

The Windesheim Honours College will move to X2 in the summer of 2019. Other users of the D-building will be moving to another place as well, starting summer this year. The classrooms will be moving to the fourth floor of the T-building, among other places. The testing centre will move to G. This is written in the ‘Vlekkenplan (spot plan) Campus’ concept the Operational services will be presenting next week, says director Pieter Dieckmann. The reason for this is the relocation back to the renewed X-building this summer. The demolition of the D-building, planned to take place in 2021, will be kept in mind during the relocation. All this together will mean that the campus will shrink from 108.000 square metres to 101.000. With the relocation back to X, this is already taken into account. In consultation with the Division of Business, Media and Law, it has recently been decided that the classroom on the second floor of the X-building can soon be used by the Honours College.

Once, in 2019, all of the users have left the D-building, Windesheim will have finally finished swapping around the departments from and to different places. The department of Administration and Control will be moving to F1 and some departments of the Support Services will move to F3. The NT2-programme will move from F to B. The study programmes Teacher Education in secondary and tertiary technical vocational education will relocate to the ground floor of A. Because of this, part of the division of Health Care and Social Work will move to B and C.

Dieckmann: “The staff of the services will sacrifice the most space, compared to 2017, but we have asked all divisions if the working stations of teachers could be made more compact. We intend to maintain the size for the study areas and classrooms as much as possible. Here and there we may create some extra space by turning two larger classrooms into three.”

The spot plan and the updating of the Masterplan for the campus will run simultaneously, housing advisor Fabio Ottenbros adds to this. In the coming months, decisions have to be made in regard of the renovation of the B- and C-buildings, which will start in 2019, after which the D-building will be demolished in 2021. The question of what will be built where the D-building currently stands, is still deliberated about. (EM)

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