Jurriaan: ‘I followed a dumpling workshop’


Windesheim student Jurriaan Peters (23) is in Hong Kong for his study programme Global project & change management. He is reporting to the win’ about his experiences abroad.

My life in one of the busiest cities in the world is almost halfway, I am really used to Hong Kong by now. The excitement of seeing new places every day is different. I am aware of my favourite nightlife facilities & restaurants and favourite places to escape the noise of the city. I realise that I’m in a new routine again.
It helps to escape this routine by travelling to neighbouring countries. I’ve been to Cambodia for one week. And it is interesting to see the huge differences between the countries. In Cambodia, there is still some real untouched jungle, which was a very much appreciated difference from Hong Kong. I realise that Hong Kong can be overwhelming after a while.




Cambodian jungle near Ankor Wat


By now all my courses are well on their way, luckily most of my courses are easy compared to my courses back at home. This is one the one hand a shame. I hoped to gain more in-depth knowledge on some of my topics, but that is not really the case. To keep challenging myself I have decided to take up a programming course, which I am currently busy with.

I am exploring the local culture in Hong Kong more and more. Last week I tried to learn some of the Chinese cuisine. And I followed a dumpling workshop at the hostel I stayed before. Dumplings is next to noodles my main food here, so I can give a class when I am back in the Netherlands.



Home-made dumplings



In the coming weeks, I will visit a friend from Zwolle in Seoul, South Korea. And I am busy planning my travelling trips after my exchange semester, exciting time ahead!

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  1. Floris schreef:

    Kan niet wachten op de Diepenveen-editie van de dumpling-workshop, vond dat ook erg chill in China!

  2. Elaine Leigh schreef:

    Hi Jurrian, as you know I am from Hong Kong, if you need any help or advice during your stay there, will be glad to help !!

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