‘You won’t be bored on a Boda boda’

Windesheim student Jurriaan Peters (23) is in Uganda for his internship, aiming to help increase food security in rural Uganda. He is reporting to the win’ about his experiences abroad.

On the 1st of November my great adventure started. This day I stepped with two other students on a plane towards Uganda, to work on a project to increase food security in the Bukomansimbi district.
We had a stopover in Istanbul, where we found out that one of my friends’ luggage got lost… After a day exploring Istanbul and hoping that the airline would find that bag, especially important since her malaria medicine was in it (lesson 1: Important medicine goes in hand luggage!), but it was not there.
We flew to Entebbe and finally entered Uganda at 6am. Exhausted, but hopeful that our trip would become easier now, we found out that our pickup driver was not there. Welcome to Africa.

While in a sketchy taxi, we saw an amazing sunrise on our way to our backpackers hostel, without the bag that is still lost somewhere between Dusseldorf and Uganda. Only after waking up I realised what a beautiful place this hostel was, it was right next to Lake Victoria, and the tropical climate of Uganda is absolutely stunning. After being impressed with the chaotic driving style of Ugandan people, I was surprised to find that Entebbe is actually considered one of Ugandan more quiet places. Wait till you arrive in Kampala, they said.

View from guesthouse

After one weekend we left for our project in Bukomansimbi, a small rural village near Masaka. Bukomansimbi itself is incredible beautiful, and the view from our guesthouse is absolutely stunning.

The people of Bukomansimbi are extremely welcoming. Some look at you as if it is the first time they see a white person, but you do get used to that.


Ugandan farming

Since we are doing agricultural research, it is interesting to see that in villages almost every small plot of land is occupied with some crops. The agriculture here is very different from the Netherlands, that is for sure.


Boda Boda ride

After a week in Bukomansimbi we decided it was time for a bigger city again, and therefore we decided to visit Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Kampala can be described in one word: Chaos. The traffic is chaotic, the people who sell something are chaotic, and the clubs are chaotic.
We took our first Boda Boda (an African motor taxi). That is an experience you never forget. A bit dangerous, you will not be bored on a Boda Boda and you get off with an adrenaline rush. We found out it is a very effective hangover cure.




Jurriaan Peters is third year student Global project & change management


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