Executive board offers room for experiments

Three million euros available for best proposals

  • First ‘exploration teams’ have presented their findings in ‘topatelier’.
  • Employees were able to pitch ideas for experiments last Wednesday.

The Strategic Course (also known as the institutional plan), launched at the beginning of this school year, is getting more flesh and blood in the coming months. Half September four exploration teams received the assignment to have a look at the university of applied science, to find answers to specific questions, with the ambitions of the Course. One team dedicated themselves to the question on how the Studiekeuzecheck  (student/programme matching) should be adapted once Windesheim choses the road of personalised education. A second team looked at what would then happen to student counselling; a one-man team studied the possibilities of using Big Data to, for instance, ‘predict’ failure, and a fourth team went on Campus  to search for different ways where personalised education has already taken shape within the different divisions, and how discussions between these frontrunners can be stimulated.

All teams reported their findings on October 3 during a ‘topatelier’ meeting of management. With regards to the presentations members of management formulated ‘follow up questions’ for the exploration teams to work on. At the same time management asked all teachers and employees of Windesheim to come up with suggestions for experiments. Three million euros is reserved for this. The Central Participation council initially objected to the ultra-short term of six days that interested parties got to come up with a proposal. There has been agreed upon by the directors (where the ideas can be handed in) to be lenient with the situation. After a technical preselection there was a meeting on Wednesday the first of November, where the remaining ideas were presented in a pitch of three minutes. Coming week management will announce which of the pitched ideas will be elaborated on. For those who still want to participate, there will be a second round where new ideas for experiments can be handed in. This will start at the end of this year. (MH)


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