Where the wild parties are…

You are looking for an adventure. But which students’ fraternity actually has something to offer?

13-Where The Wild Parties Are…(01)-win 19-29 juni 2017

When you think of a party, you think of Oikos Nomos. Every year on Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday) they throw a fantastic Mexican Tequila Party. With sombreros and maracas, of course! Mexican drinks such as Desperados, tequilas or Coronas should not be forgotten, obviously. However, that is not all. Each year, the Christmas gala is of huge success!

13-Where The Wild Parties Are…(02)-win 19-29 juni 2017

Are you not only in for a good party, but also for something like laser gaming? Gumbo Millennium is right up your alley then! The student association is famous for its fun activities. Gumbo organised an actual pillow fight during the Week of the Student and during the Lustrum party of Windesheim, there was a wipe-out machine ready to be jumped on. Student café ‘Het Vliegende Paard’ (The Flying Horse) gets transformed into an exciting laser game-location every year.

13-Where The Wild Parties Are…(03)-win 19-29 juni 2017

If you think that only Zwolle knows how to throw a party, then you are wrong! Endzijn from Almere throws a fun party with groovy dance songs, beautiful lightshows and cheap drink prices every year! Every college year is concluded with a fantastic final party! Nothing is too crazy! Really: last year a party boat was hired which sailed through the Almere waters. Everybody is welcome!

13-Where The Wild Parties Are…(04)-win 19-29 juni 2017

Are you a beer expert? Then ZHTC might be something for you! The student association always organises the beer week in February. All week, students can taste craft beers. Last year, for example, there were 220 flavours! And in June, you can go to the End week to conclude the college year nicely. And who knows, maybe ZHTC will build a swimming pool out of beer crates again.


  • Cristian students’ fraternities: Ichthus, Navigators and Absens Carens focus on collective Bible studies and worship. However, that does not mean that the members only stick their noses in the Bible. They love going to parties and hanging around in bars like everyone else.
  • Are you into sports and like parties from time to time? Then you can turn to ‘studentenroeivereniging’ (students’ rowing fraternity) Boreas (Zwolle) and Agon (Almere).
  • Bazinga! from Almere has friendly connections with local entrepreneurs and big organisations. Very useful if you want to go networking during your college days. Whoever thinks that Bazinga! is only serious is wrong! They also regularly throw parties.
  • Waltertje (for the journalism study program) regularly organises swinging parties in the student café ‘Het Vliegende Paard’. They also organise college saga ‘Uitgelicht!’ (Highlighted!) where they interview an inspiring journalist each month.
  • Vestuvalo (for all the study programs within the calo (teacher education in physical education)) has the ‘fleurtijd’ (blooming time) until the end of October. This means that every dispute organises a party for the new members. But that is only the beginning. Various parties are being held throughout the entire year.


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