Dressed to kill

Look, you should wear what feels well. But not everything is normal. So if you’re in doubt and you have a soft spot for fashion advice, you should read on.

It’s all about the money15-Dressed to Kill(01)-win 19-29 juni 2017
Ah, the collars and the chino trousers. Everyone is familiar with them. The most elitist cotton fabric since the dawn of time. Our pal Tommy Hilfiger is inseparable from your wardrobe, and you’ll be wearing proper pompous garments when laid out in your coffin. As you’re studying you’re happy to wrap yourself into this kind of clothing. Because let’s be honest here: eventually we study to find a job. For money. Much money. In order to be able to sail your yacht through the canals of Zwolle in full attire. And what is a better way to welcome the job market than by shining in Corduroy trousers? Comb your hair backwards with a shiny substance, don’t forget your baby blue polo and that internship placement is already yours. And so is the money.


15-Dressed to Kill(02)-win 19-29 juni 2017Grab a girl!
We really need to cut in here. Although you’ve been hoisting that Kipling backpack on your shoulders and putting those glasses on your nose since time immemorial, perhaps this is the moment to change all that. It went fine at secondary school, wearing not too fashionable clothing. It just doesn’t interest you at all. Absolutely fine, especially when studying ICT. They understand you there and have better things to do, just like you. But then again: wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to look smashingly fine, at the start of a new chapter of your life? Put on skinny jeans, leave those glasses, model your hair fashionably? No Kipling backpack, but a fresh Eastpak? Just a tad more trendy? Wanna bet you’re that type of boy that actually looks so sweet under that nerdy shirt? Wanna bet you’ll be checked out by hot chicks?

15-Dressed to Kill(03)-win 19-29 juni 2017

See how I’m coming…
Life of a student ain’t that bad as a hipster. You love chilling on the grass while listening to artistic music with likeminded people. How lucky are you that there is a grass field in front of the X building on which you can perch with your hipster club! It is here where discussions on the arts, ethical dilemmas and other non-mainstream topics are created. With your hair in a bun, your glassless glasses, and your second-hand Hawaii blouse you’re looking authentic. And that’s exactly your aim at the start of the year. They need to take you damn seriously, and not just a little.


15-Dressed to Kill(04)-win 19-29 juni 2017Fashion victim!
You are the student who has asked him- or herself the question ‘what to wear’ the most. Posting your outfit on Instagram with the hashtag #outfitoftheday on a daily basis is your way of life. A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, that kind of things. Let me tell you one thing: your sweetest #ootd really isn’t all that practical on a day at the campus. Your towering wedge heels might look nice with an Insta filter and at a proper photographic perspective, but after a day from A to C to the cycle shed to the cantine to the toilets to the mediacentre you’ll be wanting to kill yourself in your shoe soles. Hyper fashion is nice, but not at all practical. Keep that in mind when you adorn yourself in a far too bare crop, or in an awkwardly tight jumpsuit that makes you suffer from breathing difficulties before the clock strikes nine. #fashion = not always #studentproof.


Where the wild things are…15-Dressed to Kill(05)-win 19-29 juni 2017
You know, 2004 called. They want their clothing style back. Just consent. Your fellow students and lecturers will be thanking you on their knees, since they will finally be able to communicate with you when you get rid of that hair dangling over your eyes. Just how could you consider yourself sociable and fun to be with when the palette of your clothes merely knows the sunny hue of black? Yes of course, beauty comes from within and all that jazz. And long live subcultures and wearing whatever you like. But when you’re doing the primary school teacher’s programme and are applying for an internship placement at the third grade of Christian primary school De Ark in Genemuiden, that pink hairstyle, a Slipknot shirt and those bike chains on your trousers might not work in your favour. So in some cases it might be better to just do your hair properly and put on your bourgeois suit. A bit of your emo self, a bit of society. Excellent deal.


15-Dressed to Kill(06)-win 19-29 juni 2017Smell like an angel….
Sure sure, it’s just so comfy, that active wear of yours. Those jogging pants and trainers and sport shirt. We know, trust us. And if you have applied for a sport study programme, you are in your right. But for the rest of us it is not really that classy, wearing sport clothes at a lecture. You don’t always have to, of course. Since you’ll be hovering your head over your table at lectures with a heavy hangover most of the times anyway. But then again it’s nice of you to heave yourself out of your jogging trousers and put on some jeans for a presentation. And replace your sweaty Nike top with a fresh shirt that doesn’t show you’ve just done seventy-eight hot squads. Just for extra credits. Every now and then you should just have to please your lecturers by looking like a fellow adult. Oh, while you’re at it, don’t forget a whoosh of deodorant.





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