Shrink supporting staff making good progress

Already a solid downsizing reached

  • The cuts in the services need to be done before 2018
  • In total 2,5 million will be cut and downsize of 25 FTE will be realized


This is mentioned by Pieter Dieckmann, who is director of the Business Management services since halfway March. Until the end of 2018, Dieckmann is appointed as foreman of the team that investigates all supporting processes within Windesheim. Here it is not only about Support services or Business Management services, but also the division’s administration offices. “We started a route in which we look differently at the processes in support. The student’s learning pathway is in the centre of optimising the processes. Some services can be improved at division level and others can be improved at the services”, says Dieckmann.

Processes happening in different places can sometimes be carried out better from one department. “An example is the registrations that happen in the divisions, but can be better handled by the Central Student Administration Office. We also have the media facilities in different places: lab-21, the E-lab, the studio of the MultiMedia Practicum and the studio of Journalism. They could cooperate for optimal use. Furthermore, we are going to see whether we can cut on  information carriers and subscriptions.”

Dieckmann plans to have finished the plans for improving services in September. Optimising goes hand in hand with sharp cuts in the Framework Document for the coming year. In 2018 a cut of 3,5 million needs to be made. Partially by reducing 25 formation spaces in the supporting staff of 570 FTE.

Since March 1, Windesheim has a vacancy threshold for not-tutoring staff, which makes sure that when staff leaves you cannot open up a vacancy easily. They will first have to look whether the vacancy can be filled by handling tasks better or to give the tasks to other employees. Dieckmann: “This measure has always worked just fine. Because we steered into the right direction on time, we have been able to reach half of the formation reduction in a natural order.” Furthermore a look will be cast on travelling costs, the rent of external services, and a wide range of measurements to reduce material costs.

Dieckmann asked all services and divisions to present a story this month, that will clarify in which services cuts can be made. The Framework Documents of 2018 will be discussed this afternoon (June 1) by the Central Participation Council. (EM)

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