Electrical and Electronic Engineering best study programme

Windesheim again second place in student survey

  • Windesheim once more has a very high percentage of satisfied students, 82 percent.
  • Best are the study programmes of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Marketing in Almere.

The first analyses of the National Student Survey 2017 have shown this. No less than 96 percent of Electrical Engineering students is satisfied, asked about the study programme in general Marketing in Almere scores 95 percent of satisfied students. Third best is Human Resource Management (94 percent).

Compared with 15 Universities of Applied Science, Windesheim is second place, with a satisfaction rate of 82 percent. First place is Avans University of Applied Science. For the third year in a row, Windesheim takes second place. Although last year they scored 83 percent, the difference is not really significant.

Market researcher Erik Schaapman of the Quality and Monitoring department: “Particularly Windesheim’s lecturers do well, concerning their knowledge on professional practice, expertise and involvement.”

There are, however, also noteworthy losers. A study programme at which the satisfaction rate has dropped vastly in comparison to last year is Industrial Engineering & Management, which has fallen from 84 to 65 percent. HBO ICT Almere, which held the highest score of Windesheim last year, has also plummeted (from 97 to 79 percent). Teacher Education in Religion is left with a barely sufficient after a sharp decline (from 75 to 58 percent). A very low satisfaction score was given by students of Nursing in Almere: this study programme scored only 46 percent. A huge insufficient, and therefore the lowest percentage of all Windesheim study programmes, while 83 percent is satisfied at Nursing in Zwolle.

To the programme coordinator of Nursing in Almere, Judith Reijman Hinze, the bad numbers weren’t unexpected: “We suffer from growing pains from the fast growth of the last years. Besides, our curriculum has been changed as a part of the Bachelor study programme Nursing 2020.” Since additional staff and help couldn’t be attracted in time, the Nursing students suffered from logistical problems concerning scheduling and a doable learning programme.

Now several measures have been taken, including the termination of the inflow to the blended learning variant. Reijman Hinze: “We work hard to convert the feedback from our students to improvements.” (EM)

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