Optional modules as addition to study programme

Fourteen modules to start in September

  • Students will be able to enrol for ‘Hogeschoolkeuzemodules’ to broaden their study programme.
  • These optional modules cover 3 to 5 EC and will be taught the Wednesday afternoon of every semester.

The first fourteen ‘Hogeschoolkeuzemodules’ (further referred to as HKM’s) of the University of Applied Sciences will start this September, from then on about twenty HKM’s will be offered every semester. The courses offered are under great interest, like ‘Entrepreneurship’, ‘Spanish’ and ‘design and image processing’. Students can take these courses extracurricular (so on top of their own learning route) or as an implementation of free study time in the students’ curriculum. The latter is only allowed if the HKM fits into the curriculum and if it is approved by the examination committee.

HKM’s are meant for students from every division. ‘’Those will mostly be second years and upwards’’ as said by project leader HKM Frank Sturrus. ‘’First year students are allowed to enrol for HKM’s in their second semester but will probably do this later on in their studies’’. The courses, mostly ten to fifteen meetings, will take place on a Wednesday, from the eighth to the tenth hour. There will be no other courses offered at these hours for senior students. This gives every student the opportunity to follow one HKM every semester.

The groups will contain about twenty students. The courses can be followed next semester if they are full. Those who are able to finish a HKM successfully get an annotation on their diploma supplement.

The HKM’s have been introduced as part of the new educational concept, out of the wish to offer more than the regular education to prepare students for their future. Windesheim offered optional modules about ten years back as well, but they disappeared when the major/minors educational system was introduced. A year ago the project group, together with the divisions and ten students, made an inventory of which HKM’s could be interesting, according to Sturrus.  

The modules will be derived from existing courses. The costs will be, just like minor educations, settled between study programmes.

The possibility of enrolling for an HKM will be communicated to students this week. Students can enrol from the 20th of March until the 14th of April, just like the minors. The range of courses can be found on the Sharenet community ‘Domeinoverstijgende minors en hogeschoolkeuzemodules’. (EM)



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