New portal shows overview of student

‘Studentbeeld’especially handy for student counsellor

  • Windesheim will start the new digital environment ‘Studentbeeld’ around the first of February.
  • It shows an overview of the most important information about the study progress of a student.

The purpose of the new environment is mainly for student counsellors to have a quick overview of the study progress of a student, without having to check all the details in the ELO or Educator, says Gerjan Wijdenes, project leader at Informationmanagement. The goal of using this portal is improving student counselling.
The homepage of Studentbeeld shows results, previous educations, EC’s/Credits and information about the study programme. The most important information of a student will be shown through a clear look and feel. If more information is needed the portal can be used to find the original information with links to Educator, ELO and (ultimately) CATS.
The last tests will be performed in January. All primary student counsellors and SLB-coaches will start working with Studentbeeld around the first of February. Lecturers, the exam committee and  Study Success Centre will be able to use the portal as well.
‘’We are striving towards a goal that students are also able to see their own released information’’ states Wijdenes. Windesheim Flevoland will start with Studentbeeld after the Summer.
The project started last year as one of the several Windesheim ict-projects Strategic information policy, managed by Duco Adema. Director business schoolJolande Gemolka is in the steering group as a representative of the study programmes: ‘’Studentbeeld shows the relevant information in one glance. This will give student counsellors insight on study progress, previous educations and information about possible exam renewals. There is also an option to show agreements made with the student. A counsellor now has to get everything from different systems. Preparing for a conversation will  be a lot easier as all the information is at the ready. The counsellor can spend more time in conversing and giving advice.’’
Wijdenes states the privacy of the student is secured. ‘’ Only through authorisation will counsellors get access to the information that is meant for them. For example, a lecturer will be able to see that the student has the right to extra facilities because of a function impairment, but not the specific notes from the counsellor.’’ (EM)

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