Business, Media and Law to rearrange economic study programmes

New ‘croho’-list effective in september 2018

  • The economic study programmes are going to be rearranged nationally meaning that some studies will become a differentiation of a main study programme
  • Several study programmes within Business, media and law need to drastically rewrite their professional- and degree profile

Coming academic year, Windesheim will prepare the broadening of several study programmes in the domain Business, Media and Law, so they will fit in the new national standards. In the meantime new study programmes cannot be started, says business school director Jolande Gomolka. The ministry has compiled a new list of official study programmes (the central register of study programmes higher education, also known as croho). The new list will be in effect in September 2018. The rearrangement is meant to make the large supply of study programmes more accessible and future-oriented. Only thirty of the fifty current economic croho study programmes remain. However, most studies will not disappear, they will change in differentiations (final project varieties) of a broader main study programme (‘stamopleiding’).

Thus Windesheim Business Management Studies (‘bedrijfskunde MER’) becomes one of the three differentiations of the new main study programme Business Management, together with the study programmes Business Management and Applied Business Management from other universities of applied sciences.  Gomolka: “The universities of applied sciences can decide for themselves where the borders lie between the main study programme and the differentiation, so the adjustment does not have to have large consequences. After all, the study programmes that will belong to the same croho are brought together based on their content-wise relations. Of course new professional- and degree profiles need to be compiled for the new crohos, and the educational requirements and curricula could be different.”

Adjustments are expected at, for example, Windesheim Financial service management, which will become, together with Tax Law and Economics, a differentiation of the main study programme Finance and Advice.

The study programme Marketing as well will become a differentiation of the main study programme Commerce, and International Business and Languages will become a differentiation of the main study programme International Business. At the other study programmes of Business, Media and Law little to nothing changes.

Coming academic year, all national adjustments will become clear, including the degree titles (for example Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts) for the new main study programmes. Finally all study programmes belonging to the same croho need to choose whether they want to start their new programme for first years only by 2018, while senior students continue their old study programme. “At small adjustments, this kind of phasing out is not necessary and all students will switch to the new study programme”, according to Gomolka. (EM)

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