Windesheim receives barely sufficient from review commission

Positive end to the era of Performance Agreements

  • Windesheim did not make all the evaluations, but the final assessment is positive.
  • Six Universities of Applied Sciences were assessed insufficient and subsidiaries are being reduced.

Windesheim has not been able to realize all the performance agreements, but the efforts made are enough to get a sufficient. That was the judgement by the ‘review commission’ of the performance agreements. The commission visited Zwolle on the 13th of September to discuss the outcome with the Executive Board.

At the meeting Executive Board director Henk Hagoort and former Executive Board director Albert Cornelissen were present. The commission mostly had questions about study successes. “The discussion went very productive”, according to Duco Adema, the main stimulator of this subject study successes. The bachelor degree efficiency shows an upwards spiral and there are even signs that the upwards spiral will follow through. Adema: “Especially the Engineering and ICT division shows great results; the Human Movement and Education unfortunately stays behind.” Adema kept ‘a positive feeling’ after the meeting with the review commission. His feeling was not unwarranted. Windesheim got a sufficient, while six other Universities of Applied Sciences, including Rotterdam, Leiden and InHolland, got an insufficient. Their subsidiaries will be reduced. It has been agreed to that seven percent of the total amount would depend on the execution of the Performance Agreements.

The commission expressed its satisfaction with the developments in the areas of study successes – even though Windesheim is not where they need to be at. Seven years ago the amount of graduates was 54 percent. Currently the amount is sixty – but the goal set in the Performance Agreements is seventy percent. The Executive Board indicated to pursue this. Windesheim has been able to lower the amount of dropouts without a too big increase in switchers, and because the University of Applied Sciences succeeded in reducing the dropout rate in the first and second years, the commission decided that a positive final judgement is justified. (MH)

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