Campus moves to Hanzeland

Extra costs around 1.5 million a year

  • Possibly thirty percent of the educational spaces will be rented outside of the campus in the future.
  • New master plan forecast: buildings E, F and G will be rented out to other corporates.

The executive board and directors together with the real estate division are breeding on the master plan campus 2035 since last year. The concept master plan is still being discussed with the participation councils. The most important wish is to connect campus with the city by moving parts of the university of applied sciences to the city centre and Hanzeland business park.

The initial thought was to rent ten percent outside of campus but the latest proposition states up to thirty percent in 2035, which means additional annual expenses of 1,5 million to 2 million euros.

“Up until now several divisions could turn to the old D-building. However, because of the possible demolition between now and five years, decisions need to be made,” states real estate and facility manager Dirk Pieter Halbesma.

The proposition by the executive board is to let expanded studies rent temporary spaces. Hanzeland is a good option. This area is appealing because it is located between campus and the city centre, and has a lot of vacant buildings.

The first study programmes are already moving and planning to move. From the first of September, Windesheim rents a floor of Hanz at the Hanzeplein, where three engineering & ict study programmes will make use of the facility. And there are more plans for moving study programmes.  At the end of 2016, Windesheim will rent space from Brainz at Lübeckplein (behind the train station). This will be used by the Windesheim Honours College and the division of Healthcare and Social work. The educational studies are in talks with the municipality about renting at the new location of the city library Stadkamer, which will happen somewhere in the year 2017. A more ambitious plan is to see if there is a possibility to move parts of the engineering & ict studies to a ‘Tech Campus’ in the current Wärtsilä building.

If everything follows through there will be more space become available on campus. The master plan proposes renting out the E, F and G buildings to external parties.

The municipality encourages this impulse for Hanzeland. They have brainstormed with Windesheim about a new slow traffic bridge (fly-over) crossing the IJsselallee, between Hanzeplein and campus. The bridge will not only unburden the busy route via the Lünen tunnel, but also be part of the cycling route between the city centre and the rural areas outside the city.



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