Meet and discover during the Bruisweek

The Bruisweek, the introductory days for new students of universities of applied sciences in Zwolle, is the start of your student life. For three days (29th, 30th and 31st of August) there are all kinds of activities: from huge dance-parties to a course in fire prevention for inhabitants of student rooms. Here is a list of the highlights. 


The center of Zwolle turns into one huge game board during Zwollopoly. To win, your group needs to claim as many streets as possible by performing various tasks. Just like the BNN-show ‘Jan versus Geraldine’. The group with the highest score gets to leave with a nice price.

The pop music venue Hedon is an excellent place for amazing parties and concerts. The first evening of the Bruisweek (Monday) already hits it off with Superstyle, a democratic dance party. Democratic, because the audience decides which music style the DJ plays each fifteen minutes. So: new rounds, new parties!

Student association parties
Zwolle is home to many different student associations that you can join. One is aimed at sports, another is all about the fun and yet another one is focused on religion and enlightenment. On Monday- and Tuesday evenings a couple of them host their own parties (sometimes in their own clubs), so come on over and get to know them!

Stand-up comedy: Adam Fields
Adam Fields is an English comedian who has lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years. What you can expect in his lively and visual show are many spontaneous jokes and schizophrenic outbursts into various characters. You can see him on Monday from 13:00 to 14:30 in the small saloon in Hedon. The evening offers yet another comedy show. Starting 20.30, the improvisation group Op Sterk Water performs in Theater De Spiegel.

Nightlife Tour
Do you like dancing all night, or would you rather spent the evening joking around in a cosy pub? The Nightlife Tour allows you to get to know the nightlife of Zwolle. You can follow a tour across ten participating café’s on both monday- and tuesday nights.

Each year, the Bruisconcert is one of the absolute highlights of the introductory days. This year allows everyone to become part of the shows themselves! The Bruisconcert starts with the Great Karaoke Show, including live band! Afterwards The Dirty Daddies (see picture) take over with their hyperactive mashup-mix of hits, sing-along songs and dance numbers!

Get to know sports
Each day of the Bruisweek allows for sports. On Monday on sports park the Marslanden (where the camp site can also be found) and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the Windesheim campus. The University of Applied Sciences has a wide array of sports: from swimming and fitness to climbing, yoga and indoor football.

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